Follow up: a sad, sorry unfinished list

We are 4 months into 2017. I intended to write a follow up to my 2017 new year’s resolution post. But I procrastinated: in January I went to Portugal with Marita, in February I was focused on being 40 and a half (who knew it was time to shine!?), in March I ran the NYC half marathon and earlier in April I visited my friends, the Romwebers, in Germany. It takes time to drink espresso, run races, eat ice cream and travel.

Worth my time.

Soooooooo…..we are all caught up, right? Time to chat about 2017? But then I remembered a few things: all the things I didn’t get done in 2016. They slowly crept into my mind as I made my way around my apartment or thought to myself while walking Pastina. In order to clean out the bad juju, to stay honest and to move on, here they are, in no particular order (followed by my excuses)

  1. bringing all my saved-up change to the bank to be counted (the bag is too heavy to lift)
  2. learning new dance moves (I got about 22 seconds into Rhythm Nation choreography – Janet Jackson has serious skills – I simply cannot move at that speed)
  3. getting a business credit card (I only barely got incorporated towards the very end of 2016, squeaked in before 2017)
  4. going to bed at a normal time most nights (I. cannot. even. come. up. with. a real. reason)
  5. stop piling up stuff on the table (recently noticed that my paper pile simply migrated to the kitchen counter)
  6. uploading photos from thanksgiving onward (lots of starting and stopping here)

Okay there are more, but why go on + on? I think I’ve made my point. One little thing nudged me into being more productive and energy efficient.  I found a JURY DUTY SUMMONS at the bottom of my mail pile this week. It was dated February 10th, 2017. The pile had been fermenting for a while, apparently. The panic and belly aches were instant when I saw the highlighted envelope. I was pretty sure the marshalls were going to bust down my door or that jail was in my near future (Who would water my plants? Would Pasti have to move in with my parents? What would happen to all the easter candy in my apartment?) But I was spared a prison sentence. The jury duty representative said, “It was my lucky day” and “These phone calls are not usually happy ones” due to randomly, not having my # be needed. I was passed over and I won’t be called again till 2021.

Jury Duty: Done

This sparked a small fire in me  – I thought about dated things that needed to get done. I searched my apartment for a paper from almost 5 years ago. It is a warranty for my couch fabric – that can be completely replaced if I found the paper, took some pictures and made a case for the fabric (deadline May 30th!). I did all those things today (finding the paper was a feat unto itself). I looked into an underwater cycling class that I won last May (deadline approaching!) and I renewed my gym membership (no more muscles as of June 1st!). I wrote some more dates on my calendar. I looked at that bag of change and then looked the other way.

Overall, I am leaving the past in the past (so long 2016) and approaching 2017 with gusto (or fear/panic – either way it’s leading me to get some things done.)

Hope these first few months of 2017 have been full of brightness and not belly aches. Till the next post, take care.





2 thoughts on “Follow up: a sad, sorry unfinished list

  1. Chris


    I know something else missing from your list: hanging out with me! We’re long overdue! But I was very happy to receive your latest post. Reading your blog is always a fun and introspective experience. Almost make me feel like we hang out every week! (But not quite…)

    I still struggle with procrastination (as you know, I have superior procrastinator skills) but I have made some progress. Let’s compare notes! Preferably over coffee…and after we review all your travel pics. (What can I say? The impulse is strong!)

    Hope all is well!


  2. Sharon

    I’m dying to learn the dance moves to Rhythm Nation!!! I had wanted to before the wedding but that didn’t happen. I’m totally game if you need a dance buddy.

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